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Dance Team


After extensive and nerve racking try outs the following 21 young girls will be representing Dr. C. M. Cash Elementary at various community events throughout the school year.

Officers:  Heaven Salinas (4th Grade) and Giselle Jaime (4th Grade)

  1. Emma de Los Santos (2nd Grade)
  2. Clarissa Mendoza (2nd Grade)
  3. Aaliyah Guzman (2nd Grade)
  4. Alexa Vasquez (2nd Grade)
  5. Grace Ramirez (2nd Grade)
  6. Patsy Alejandro (3rd Grade)
  7. Desiree Escamilla (3rd Grade)
  8. Christine Gonzalez (3rd Grade)
  9. Savannah Sanchez (3rd Grade)
  10. Tiare Delgado (3rd Grade)
  11. Samantha Cervantes (3rd Grade)
  12. Maykayla Cavazos (4th Grade)
  13. Tabitha La Fuente (4th Grade)
  14. Skylar Gonzalez (4th Grade)
  15. Jasmin Marroquin (4th Grade)
  16. Ysabel Soria (4th Grade)
  17. Azucena Cuevas (5th Grade)
  18. Melanie Ortiz (5th Grade)
  19. Jeneca Torres (5th Grade)

Parent Meeting

There will be a mandatory parent meeting on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 5:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria to discuss student expectations, parent responsibilities, practice schedule, and dance team uniform/attire.


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