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Cash News Network: Episode 1 – Bullying

“Cut, you forgot to wait three seconds at the beginning!” exclaims Miah Cardoza, a news anchor for Dr. C. M. Cash Elementary.


Romeo Garcia and Miah Cardoza Groan


Miah Cardoza and Romeo Garcia (4th graders) both groan because it is their 8th take on a shot that they just cannot get right. Tabitha La Fuente and Jessica Tijerina (4th graders) stop the cameras and stop to redirect, regroup, and focus. Minutes later, Luis Gonzalez and Lidia Martinez (5th graders) come into the room after finishing up interviews with the assistant principal, Mrs. D. Cornett, 1st grade teacher, Mrs. M. Martinez, and a couple of students that they ran into in the hall.

Luis Santiago Gonzalez Signing Out


After many weeks of hard work, perseverance, laughter, and at times frustration, this group of students were able to complete the first installment of our Cash News Network. Under the direction and guidance of Mr. Elliott Quezada, 5th grade teacher and Technology Representative, a group of students tackled with full force the daunting task of reporting the many activities that Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary holds.


Tabitha La Fuente and Jessica Tijerina Interview Coach A Ramirez


Lidia Martinez Interviews Mrs M Martinez


* The team meets on Mondays from 2:10 – 4:30p.m.



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  1. How could my child be involved in the News Cast Club for next year? Thank you for your time


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