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Campus Improvement Plan

Purpose of the Campus Improvement Plan:
  • Using data from its needs assessment, a school must develop a comprehensive plan to improve teaching and learning in the school, particularly for those students farthest away from demonstrating proficiency on the State’s academic content and achievement standards.
  • The Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) serves as the blueprint for how the campus will actually address the needs identified during the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA). An effective CIP can bring focus and coherence to reform activities and help ensure unity of purpose, alignment, and clear accountability.
  • There is no required format, but the Campus Improvement Plan must include a summary of the CNA, required accounting and program components, and how the program will be evaluated.
  • For a Schoolwide Program, the campus must develop a comprehensive plan based on the CNA to reform the total campus instructional program as the second step of a required, year-long process.