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Fine Arts Department

- Scholars learn to participate, appreciate fine arts and be a life long learner
- Scholars show personal growth through experiences in fine arts education
- Scholars learn to express themselves through any areas in fine arts (music, art, dance and theater)
- Always try your best in singing, playing an instrument, dancing, drawing, painting, and all other
- activities in fine arts class. Trying your best is more important than being the best.
- Treat others the way you want to be treated. Golden Rule!
- Listen appropriately and show proper audience etiquette.
- Show respect for music and art from other cultures and time periods.
- Show respect for art materials and music instruments.
- Help each other
- Accept differences in others
- Have good attendance in fine arts class THROUGHOUT the year
- Complete all assignments and take pride in them
- Be a good volunteer at all time
- Be in touch and honest with your feelings and express them in music and art